The Nutshell 26 narrows by a metre, allowing it to be towed at a road-legal 2.5m. If you don’t wish to undergo this 90 minute process, you can tow full-width for shorter distances by getting advance permission. The boat can be launched and recovered using the optional trailer. Lifts in the trailer raise the accommodation pod, allowing the hulls to slide under it.

The entire boat dismantles and fits into a 40’ container for travelling distances, or shipping overseas. So you can enjoy sheltered bays, islands, canals and lakes in your favourite parts of the world. Remember this is not an ocean-going vessel, it’s use is limited to sheltered waters.

If you damage your accommodation pod, a replacement fits neatly into a 20’ container. Fleet managers will keep spare hulls in the event this is damaged – so your holiday isn’t cut short.

We have vast experience of chartering, sailing and maintaining boats and we have tried to think of everything

Tow from your home
It’s not a small boat on a trailer