Powering options

Twin 6KW electric pod-motors drive the boat at 5 knots. Slower cruising speeds conserve battery life for longer trips. Controls are ‘fly-by-wire’ joystick or twin hand- throttles

Transom-hung rudders steer when underway. Manoeuvring in harbour is by engine controls only, reversing one while the other is in forward allows the boat to turn in its own length. The pods are protected behind the keel and are replaced easily if damaged. Maintenance costs are very low on electric-drive boats, and with no service requirements, and swap-out components, down-time is minimal.

The new uni-rig, developed by Geoff Meek (top sail-maker and helmsman) and Naval Architect Phil Southwell, takes away all the fuss of sailing. One, easily-managed, sail simply rolls away when not in use. The mast is stepped right at the back of the boat, out of the way. All lines lead to a single winch on the mast. The mast itself can be lowered in 20 minutes and stores on the coachroof for transport, or to pass under bridges.
Compared to traditional layouts the Uni-rig represents a significant saving in weight, complexity and cost,

Genoa sheets to the corner of the coachroof