Ownership programs

We all know that the benefits of shared ownership are very appealing, but it’s always been too cumbersome for most to set up. It’s a simple concept—up to five co-owners can enjoy the benefits of owning a yacht while splitting the cost of the vessel and its management.

Each share costs around ZAR 390,000 for a 20% shareholding.

Because owners of fractional shares involve direct ownership, each user has greater control over how the boat is used and maintained and where it is located.
The annual operating costs such as insurance, dockage, annual haul out, and scheduled maintenance are largely covered by income from renting the boat.
For more information or to request one of the berths available, please request a booking form.

Outright ownership is R 1,950,000

Whichever ownership model you choose, the boat is your asset and can be taken away for private use at any time. It fits into international standard 40-foot containers and can be shipped anywhere with a port. It also narrows and can be towed behind an SUV.


Fractional Ownership – private

Get some friends to take a share – we recommend 4-5 but it could be more. Everybody gets a time slot and the starting dates vary every year so no one hogs Christmas. Swap dates with friends, or better yet, get tow or more Nutshells and ramp up together.

Outright ownership – private

Take your boat home. It’s up to you if you store it near your favorite lake or bay. You can trailer it behind an SUV or pack it into a 40’container and send it anywhere in the world.

Fractional ownership – managed

We will arrange for 5 owners to share a boat at one of our managed sites. Later on we will allow all owners to arrange swaps with other share owners. The boat is owned by a specially formed company and you own shares in this company. You can sell these shares at any time.

Outright ownership – managed

Your boat gets placed in an income generating business, either a rental arrangement on a dock (AirBnB or similar), or it can be added to a fleet of charter boats.

Case Studies
Cape Grace Marine, V&A waterfront, Cape Town

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Mykonos Marina, Langebaan Lagoon, SA

The Boatyard

Store your boat ashore and the boatyard will launch it for you before your arrival. They will also recover and clean, with routine maintenance. You can store your toys with them as wel..

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The designer, Phil Southwell and the builder, Dylan de Soares Melo are shareholders in a boat

“Go for it”

Great boat, a practical size and very manageable

John Lightbody