Nutshell 26

The Nutshell 26 is a Cape Town designed and built concept sailing catamaran with a unique brief. It had to be:

  • suitable for couples (it can accommodate the occasional child as well)
  • easy to manoeuvre – able to be docked with ease and comfortably fit into modern marinas
  • a home afloat with all amenities
  • comfortable – high above the water with excellent all-round visibility to appreciate the surroundings
  • spacious – there’s a surprising amount of space considering the compact footprint
  • simple to manage – the sailing version can be managed by relative novices with only two ropes to pull
  • luxurious – with a comfortable double bed, properly equipped kitchen and high off the water
  • affordable – by keeping it simple but using only top quality fittings we achieve the above
  • eco-friendly – considering where we hope to put these they must be the greenest boats by far
  • flexible – with awesome locations / different ownership options & fleet plans to suit everybody
Fractional Ownership

If you don’t want to own a boat outright, would rather share running costs or cannot use it for more than a few months a year, then create a syndicate. We can help. The boat belongs to a company and you all own shares in this. A manager keeps the boat in ready condition

Boat rentals

If you would rather keep your boat in some exotic location and have it prepared for you and cleaned afterwards, consider putting the boat into a rental fleet. You’ll earn an income and keep the boat in great condition for when you wish to use it.


Traditional charter companies will guarantee a return and still give you off-peak weeks for personal use. You can leverage this into a steady income overseas. Ask for details…

Convoy sailing

Want to sail with your mates? The Nutshell 26 is designed to ‘raft up’. One big anchor is dropped and you all tie up together. This means that during the day you can do your own thing and get together in the evening to swap tall tales, accompanied of course by an ice-cold GnT..

Multi destination

One of the great advantages of fleets is the ability to swap your weeks for another destination. You can take your holiday in one of many tropical or Mediterranean ports and start from there.

Early days

The Nutshell is a brand new boat, in fact it’s a brand new concept. All the potential hasn’t been explored yet but it is so flexible and affordable we expect great thing. Watch this space…


Download an Investor brochure. You will need a PDF reader from Adobe, or you can open it in a browser. A high res version is here.


Download sample ownership documents, how-tos, contracts and application forms here from Mid August 2021.


We are partnering with boat rental, charter and management companies to offer more flexible packages. For now, please view Waterfront Houseboats for opportunities to turn your Nutshell into an asset