Mould making at Nutshell's factory

The moulds and first set of hulls are complete

Dylan and his team at Further Composites have been hard at work and the Nutshell 26 compact leisure catamaran hull moulds are now complete. We will be laying up the prototype next week.

The finish of these hull moulds is excellent and the use of advanced computer-modelling and cutting has resulted in a fair, symmetrical and accurate set of moulds. This will make the rest of the process as trouble-free as possible.

The deck moulds are also progressing well. We will initially test the boat without the accommodation pod and with outboards instead of electric pods.

The first production slot is filled. We are working on syndicates in South Africa to share the second production model. We can then continue testing variations of the rig and engine control systems.

The Nutshell 26

Compact Leisure Catamaran

catamaran moulds under construction
Templates added to the strong-back
computer-cut frames on the Nutshell plug
First skin attached to computer-cut framing
Outer hull ready for fairing
Fibre glass cloth added
Fairing is a time-consuming process
Moulding gel-coat in a colour that will never be built (in this case puke-green)
Mould reinforcing takes shape
Fairing the final surface of the mould
Final polish
Transoms need to be added
Bridgedeck mould positioned on the side decks. This is where the magic happens – to narrow the boat
Hull mould skin is faired
Bridgedeck and side deck framing
Bridgedeck frames for the Nutshell catamaran
Bridgedeck framing
catamaran moulds under way
Inner hulls extended past transom line
3-axis milling
‘Nose’ fabricated separately for accuracy
Inner hulls faired
Releasing the mould from the plug
The deck plug underway
Jigged up to test the de-mounting system
Hulls positioned in their Jigs
Accommodation pod underway. The cutout is for the seat backrest and lines up with the windscreen