Outboard-driven versions of the Nutshell 26

We have had many, many enquiries asking if it is possible to drive the nutshell with outboard motors. The answer is of course yes, and we have always allowed for that option for protected waters without recharge facilities (or sunlight). The reality is electric motors need much less maintenance and can therefore be used in remote areas. However we understand that modern outboards are ubiquitous and there could be resistance to the unknown.


Typically outboard motors need room to tilt, a strong transom, a fuel line, a well-immersed propeller and a steering system.

We think the outboards like the Mercury 9-15 hp Prokicker or 15HP Seapro are good choices. They are light and reliable. The SeaPro has a remote steering options. Otherwise we connect to the existing steering system.

It is a pretty easy adaption and our prototype will use these engines while we make a final decision on the best electric solution.

Light(ish), compact, inexpensive and readily available

Noisy, polluting, high-maintenance and exposed

Outboards in the range 6-15 HP can be used. 2 or 4-stroke.

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