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Home is where the boat is

Imagine you could have an apartment anywhere in the world enjoying breath-taking views of marinas, bays, harbours, canals or lakes.

Now imagine you could take your apartment out for a sail, learn new skills and even take it with you to another country…

The Nutshell 26 is a compact cat for 2 people that can be moored anywhere a monohull fits. It can be towed behind an SUV, fitted into a container and launched down a beach with a custom trailer.

It has a sail that’s easy to manage and twin electric pod-motors that allow a novice sailor to manoeuvre it onto a dock. These electric motors run off batteries powered by the sun, and only need a fraction of the maintenance required to run a diesel. In addition, it makes the Nutshell one of the greenest boats around; with sealed waste-water management and zero emissions. You can take the boat into protected reserves inaccessible to traditional craft as they conserve the local environment.

The Nutshell 26 utilizes limited space more efficiently than a 28m2 New York apartment. It has a Queen bed, fridge/freezer, a 2-burner stove, a fitted kitchen, en-suite loo and shower, seating for 4, a fold-out bed, an enclosable patio offering panoramic views. It comes with its own SUP, hammock and sun bed.

The mast can drop, allowing you to pass under bridges, and if you’re sailing in convoy with other Nutshells, you can easily ramp two or more boats together to enjoy a cold beer with friends.

You can sail up rivers, tow a dinghy, anchor in secluded bays, snorkel in clear waters, catch a fish and BBQ off the back of your boat.

Affordable, Accessible, Simple; Van Life meets the ocean...

The Nutshell 26 is stable and maneuverable,
making it a great choice for both
beginners and experienced boaters alike.

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Our Brochure

To learn more about what makes Nutshell Catamarans so special, download our brochure. In it, you’ll find the features that set our boats apart and more.